Why Haskell?

I recently started streaming my effort to learn Haskell and I’m frequently asked “why Haskell?”.

Given the nature of livecoding.tv, I tend to think most people are asking that question because they know very little about Haskell or functional programming and are wondering why I decided to learn it over something more common.

To that question my reply is this….

I Personally think of programming languages as falling into one of six language families which I’ll identify by a popular language from each as C, Forth, Lisp, ML, Prolog and Smalltalk. I truly believe all professional programmers should should try learn at least one language from each of those families. Some of them, for example Forth and Prolog, are not particularly useful for modern production purposes but each represents a radically different paradigm and the exposure to each is sure to expand anyones perspective.

In my case ML is the final frontier and I’ve selected Haskell as the ML language I wanted to learn.

But there’s a bit more….

At least to some degree, believe in the blub paradox and I think Haskell is pretty much as far up the food chain as you can get before the language starts to become impractical for production work.

So not only am I learning it because it’s the last in a list of languages I wanted to learn but also because I suspect it’s the most powerful high level language that’s still suitable for daily use.

If you’re new to programming there’s lots of links on this page that will surely expand your perspective if you choose to investigate them.