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Obtain full time employment as a backend Ruby developer and/or Linux systems programmer with the opportunity to explore new languages and technologies.

Skill Summary

I have significant experience with web application development, from design to operations, and am familiar with all of the best practices, techniques and tools that would be expected of an experienced backend Ruby programmer.

Ruby14yrs, Rails9yrs
I started using Ruby as my primary language in 2003 and have been using Rails since 2007. I'm familiar with all the common Gems and tools in the Rails ecosystem, some specifics include; RSpec, Capybara, Selenium, Delayed Job, and CoffeeScript.

PostgreSQL14yrs, MSSQL5yrs
I have considerable experience writing and optimizing SQL for both PostgreSQL and MSSQL. I have experience setting up and managing a high availability Postgres installation.

AWS10yrs, Vagrant7yrs, Docker3yrs
Amazon Web Services has been my primary operations platform since 2011 and I have considerable experience with a number of its services, including; EC2, S3, ELB, SQS, CloudFront, Route53, IAM, SES, ECS, VPC and others. This includes usage via the AWS Console, AWS CLI and the Ruby API. I've used Vagrant to build reproducible development environments and Docker for all stages of development, testing and production.

Having used Linux as my primary development and operations environment since 2001 I'm familiar with nearly all aspects of it. I'm most comfortable with Debian, Ubuntu and Alpine Linux but I've had exposure to nearly all significant distributions. I'm competent with all typical shell scripting tools.

Other Languages and Technologies.
As would be expected I've become familiar with many other languages, tools, protocols and APIs to varying degrees, including; Haskell, PureScript, Scheme, Go, CoffeeScript, JavaScript, Git, HAProxy, Apache, Nginx, OpenSSL, HTML, HTTP, CSS, SCSS, Chef, Ansible, XPath, JMESPath, REST, NFS, ZFS, LVM and many others.


2010 - 2017

Logic Refinery - Owner and Primary Developer
My primary achievement was the development and operation of a Rails application used to coordinate sales, scheduling and warranty handling between Premier Marine and it's approximately 200 national resellers.

2003 - 2010

Premier Marine, Inc - Production Engineer
I initially managed the production engineering CAD group responsible for all of Premier’s technical drawings. My position later evolved into developing bills of material, cost analysis and software development.

1999 - 2002

Software 2000 - Software Engineer
Developed printer drivers and font management utilities for Windows 2000 and XP.

1988 - 1999

Prior Experience
Windows Programmer, Software sales, Electronics repair and US Navy.


I'm primarily self taught with a life long interest in all things computer. I started programming in BASIC when I was 10 and my only option to learn was through books. Since then I've continued to absorb everything I can, academic and industry specific. My current pre-occupation lies with functional programming, dependent types and category theory, but I'm always eager to immerse myself in new areas.

Lakewood Community College
Attended with a focus in math and computer science until acquiring employment as a programmer.

US Navy Data Systems School
Studied basic electricity, digital electronics and troubleshooting techniques for the maintenance and repair of shipboard electronic systems.

East Central High School
Graduated 1988.